Are you ready for the next evolution of sales?


Selling is changing, and sales professionals need to keep in touch with the latest trends to stay relevant and further their careers.

Hybrid Selling does not just cover the clever use of tools and technology: it defines the way salespeople can adapt to a future that needs a multi-faceted approach to drive success.

Read this book to understand:

- The essentials of selling as a foundation for winning business

- The virtual selling techniques and innovative tools that can give you an edge

- How to manage sales opportunities based on delivering outcomes

- Why salespeople must embrace the skill of leading customers

- What value really is and how to create it with – and for – customers

- The key elements needed to expand meaningful business relationships 


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About the author


Over the last 22 years Brindis Founder Fred Copestake has traveled round the world 14 times visiting 36 countries and working with over 10,000 salespeople

He has identified the things that really make a difference in modern selling and put them in his books 'Selling Through Partnering Skills’ and 'Hybrid Selling'

These ideas form the basis of work with sales professionals involved in complex B2B sales to develop their approach and ensure it is up to date and has maximum impact.

He believes that people can get better through learning and sharing, and that with better collaboration we can really make a difference.

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