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Selling is evolving

Chronology of sales focus

‘50s – Process

‘60s – Personality

’70s – Benefits

‘80s – Closing

‘90s – Needs

‘00s – Value

‘10s – ‘Sales Stature’

’20s – Collaboration

Success today and tomorrow is based on:

  • Using the essentials of selling as a foundation to win business
  • Applying virtual selling techniques and tools to gain an edge
  • Managing sales opportunities based on delivering outcomes
  • Embracing the skill of leading customers
  • Recognising what value really is and creating it with customers
  • Expanding meaningful business relationships

The world of sales is changing

Evolution and revolution has increased challenges salespeople face

Challenges of change



– With more information now available customers are more 'Advanced' as they progress further along the buying cycle on their own. They are more 'Biased' towards where they think their increased expectations will be met. Yet they are also more 'Confused' in a world of more volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 


 – More 'Types of Sale' than ever before are presented as ways of winning business. With these come more 'Techniques' ranging in degrees of brute force and customer centricity. 'Technology' is also playing an increasing role in how sales professionals can operate. 

Changing change

 –  People have a different 'Sense' of what is new and what is not. This perception leads to a 'Stance' ranging from innovator through adaptor to resistor. Ultimately the 'Speed' of change and reaction to it will determine the success of many salespeople 

Are you equipped to sell? 

Without addressing these challenges individuals and organisations will get left behind by those that do understand and act now

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You can change

Counter Customer challenges by becoming more buyer centric.

  • Align with buying process
  • Balance expectations and reality
  • Clarify understanding and activity

Counter Climate challenges by applying contextual judgement

  • Transform process to handle opportunites in relevant ways
  • Tailor an approach that becomes more collaborative
  • Take control of technology and use to assist 

Counter Changing change by using applied insight

  • Savviness improves understanding and action
  • Smoothness ensures easier adoption
  • Slickness reduces friction 

Hybrid Selling does not just cover the clever use of tools and technology; it defines the way salespeople can adapt to a future that needs a multi-faceted approach to drive success

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Designed by professionals for professionals

What’s included?

By booking on this FREE session presented LIVE you will get

- Understanding of evolution of sales and modern best practice

- Identification of YOUR type of selling

- A framework for aligning YOUR sales approach

- FREE access to Hybrid Selling scorecard

- Special gift to drive personal effectiveness

- B1G1 donation on your behalf

Over the last 22 years Brindis Founder Fred Copestake has traveled round the world 14 times visiting 36 countries and working with over 10,000 salespeople

He has taken the things that really make a difference in modern selling and put these in his first book 'Selling Through Partnering Skills’.

These ideas form the basis of work with sales professionals involved in complex B2B sales to develop their approach and ensure it is up to date and has maximum impact.

He believes that people can get better through learning and sharing, and that with better collaboration we can really make a difference

His second book 'Hybrid Selling' was written in response to seeing how the speed of change is affecting the world of sales a desire to help salespeople future proof themselves by doing the right things to stay relevant. 

His ambition is to make sales about 

Good people
Doing good things
In a good way

This session is part of the  mission to make selling better which is why it is FREE to attend


Next dates for LIVE sessions presented online

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 - Thursday 18th August 

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